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Make sure you vote on Tursday 2nd Feb.

Dear Resident,
In late December you received a poll card from Hart District Council and last weekend a flyer was delivered to you; both relate to the Winchfield Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Plan supports small-scale development in keeping with the size and character of Winchfield village.  It identifies no sites. It is about policies that will ensure any building is in keeping with the rural nature of the parish.
The referendum to take place in the village hall on 2nd February is to give final approval to the plan the village has developed over the past two years. You are being asked to vote YES to approve the plan we have all contributed to. This will give our village more influence over future development as it will become part of Hart’s Local Plan and be in force until 2032.


Copies of the final version of the plan are available online at hermes kelly outlet , at Hart Council offices, at the Winchfield Inn and the Barley Mow

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Save the date!After a year’s work or so the members of the Winchfield Neighbourhood Development Plan committee and the Winchfield Parish Council are pleased to announce that the referendum to accept or reject the Winchfield neighbourhood Development Plan will be held on February 2nd 2017.

All eligible voters (Winchfield residents on the electoral roll) will have received a polling card through their letterbox. If you have not received one and think you are eligible to vote in this referendum please contact Hart Council on 01252 774077 or email them at [email protected]

As a reminder the vote is a simple majority. Voters will be asked if they accept the contents of the Neighbourhood Development Plan produced on behalf of Winchfield Council. Voters either accept or reject. The majority will carry the vote.

We would encourage everyone who is eligible to make a few minutes to vote in this referendum. It will help determine the direction of local development for the forceable future and is vitally important in the short term as Hart Council continually delay the adoption of the Hart Local Plan.

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The date on which Hart DC will publish the draft local plan has slipped – again –  and it is unlikely that it will be issued until early 2017. With no Local Plan in place several developers are proposing various large scale developments and we can expect this to continue as long as Hart is in this vulnerable situation. In August HDC lost their appeal over Moulsham Lane in Yateley and the inspector ruled that the ‘saved policies’ were now out of date; a green light to developers. You can read more about it Christian Louboutin sandals outlet store  (scan down to 25th August).

The new SHMA (Strategic Housing Market Assessment) is still not available (despite being promised in February of this year) so the total number of houses to meet our housing need remains uncertain. We remain optimistic that the number will be lower than the 7534 shown in the SHMA of December 2014. There is some good news as HDC has announced that Rushmoor and Surrey Heath will both meet their own housing need so we won’t have to take up to 3000 extra houses in Hart under the Christian Louboutin boots replica store requirements. The press release is Christian Louboutin sneakers sale authentic .

The statement is ambiguous and We Heart Hart is trying to get Red bottoms womens outlet shop  (scan down to 11th October). We continue to ask questions at every full council meeting and sometimes we get constructive responses!

Whether or not Winchfield will appear as a proposed site for large scale development in the new Local Plan remains to be seen. Given that:

  1. The development at Hartland Park (Pystock) will fulfil 1500 of the proposed target.
  2. We no longer have the need to accommodate overflow from Rushmoor and Surrey Heath.

Andrew Renshaw, Chairman Winchfield Parish Council, is pushing hard for HDC to make a public statement about Winchfield and whether it should remain under consideration.

As soon as we have news we will continue to report facts on this website and Red bottoms womens online shop will do the same

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We have very recently received the examiners report for the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan. The full report Christian Louboutin wedding sale authentic

The examiner was very complimentary about the plan and approved it to move to the next stage. He did suggest a number of amendments and alterations in wording. I would suggest you have a read of the document and familiarise yourselves with these

Now that the plan has passed examination we can move on to the next stage in the process:

  • The examiners modifications will be input to the document
  • The plan will go to Hart Cabinet and Council in December.
  • The document will then be sent out on a referendum to the residents of Winchfield in the New Year

As with most referenda the question on the table will simply be a binary choice ‘Do you accept the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan as written?” (Final wording to be determined). The referendum will be held on a day to be determined in the future and it will pass (or fail) according to the wishes of the majority of those who vote. The examiner has recommended that eligible voters be only those in the Winchfield local area and the Parish Council will determine who those people are and manage that whole process.

Once the referendum is carried out and the plan accepted it will become the document of record to control development in the Winchfield area for the forseeable future. All planning decisions within the parish will be measured against the policies and statements made in the plan and any that do not meet the prescribed standards will be rejected.

As Andrew Renshaw – Chairman of the Winchfield Parish Council – has said “It is all very good news. For now, I want to thank everyone for all your work on the Winchfield NP and for getting such a glowing report from the Examiner. The whole community owes you a great debt of gratitude for your endeavours.

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The questionnaire results are out.

The questionnaire results are out.

Hart District Council has released the Prada womens replica official which they carried out earlier this year.

Under its mandate to be more transparent they have released both a Prada wallets outlet discounts as well as the full details for each question. (Note that these responses relate to the second consultation which was run in March of this year, NOT the initial consultation which they abandoned 24 hours prior to the closing date)

A cursory glance at the 264 page document which lists all the answers supplied for Question 4 of the consultation “Of the 3 possible approaches that could deliver new homes in Hart, which one should we prioritise to deliver the majority of our housing needs? Please provide further comments below” indicates that opinion is split evenly between those who think Winchfield is the ideal location and those we believe that Winchfield should not. As usual there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about what is being proposed and what could be provided A frequent comment made in the responses relates to the provision of adequate infrastructure. This is mentioned in relation both to the Winchfield proposal AND to other proposals. Several supporters of the Winchfield New Town have stated that this option would provide the most infrastructure, however as we know this is not a given (“Winchfield has the necessary existing infrastructure of major road and rail to support a new development,Fleet has not!”). We also know that Hart Council has an infrastructure funding deficit which will only increase if Winchfield is chosen as the new option. Mention is also made in many comments about the need for a secondary school. As we have already mentioned Prada purse replica official and on Prada purse replica 2015 , the provision of secondary schools is a county council matter not a district council matter. Schools are built according to the need NOT according to the size of a single development. In addition they’re usually built AFTER development has occurred and not as part of a development.

One positive point to bear in mind is that with the announcement of Pystock as a brownfield development for housing rather than commercial usage, the additional 1700 houses coming from that project will virtually remove the need for a new town in Winchfield.

If you have several hours free please have a look at the Prada crossbody online price . A lot of the comments make interesting (if misinformed) reading.


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Greenfield land

We have particular concerns about  the risk that developers will delay developing brownfield sites because local authorities will be required to release more profitable greenfield sites if insufficient housing is delivered to meet local needs

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Hopefully with the announcement that Hart District Council have been involved with helping promote the 1500 dwelling site at Pystock, and the fact that they are now planning to launch a study to give a strategic overview of the brownfield capacity in the District, this is not something we will see here.




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